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How do I register my tool for the 3 year warranty?

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  • Sheryl Chaloupka

    Cannot locate where the heck you go to register

  • Rob Denny

    Can't find where to register.?

  • Steve Nicholls

    Site keeps rejecting my item date code . Seems Like a deterant to apply the 3 year warranty ??!

  • Paul Bamford

    Absolutely disgusting site. Didn’t want to let you register a product. Just a con and wasting time

  • Sulthan Mohamed farook

    How to register please help me

  • Manuel Giachetti Simón

    Imposible registrar para la garantía de tres años.

  • Steve Nicholls

    Hello All you good people 😀
    You are quite right , The process to register for the 3 year warranty is NOT simple & straightforward As it should infact be ! I did actually eventually manage this eight months ago . Here is .y Tips 1) The way the date is entered & the product code , are not straightforward , So do contact the service dept , on the PHONE , to resolve it . They are very helpfull 😀 Next make sure you still keep invoices & proof of date purchased, Becouse , even when registered for the 3 year warranty , It still asks for all this all over again !! WTF ?! So , Ultimately the ONLY way to resolve all THERE
    I.T issues is to TELEPHONE THEM .
    ( With Many thanks, to Martha , who was amazing 😀
    Cheers & hope this helps . Steve

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How do I register my tool for the 3 year warranty?