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Warranty Replacement - information in conflict




  • Allen Porter

    I had the same problem with a ratchet and I tossed it. I am now having a problem with a hand held vacuum, I have sent them several messages over the past week. Purchased at Walmart and they said they warranted it for 90 days. Black and Decker said it had 2 years. Can't talk to anyone and they won't answer my e mail.   Do not buy anything connected with this company.

  • Jhina V

    Hello Chris Barnes

    We apologize for the confusion in our warranty process. We have created a ticked within our customer service team to further assist you.

    Your inquiry number is 1693979, our customer service team will reach you promptly. Have a great day. 

  • Jhina V

    Hello Allen Porter,

    We apologize for the experience you've had with this process, I have created a claim number in our system for further assistance, the confirmation number is 1695041, our team will reach you shortly. 

    Have a wonderful day. 

  • Fionda Stephane

    I have contacted Stanley about m my pressure washer not working and still under warranty since 14/04/2021  many times but they have get to answer me it is just like "if we ignore him he'll go away " I'm m afraid I will not !


  • Jhina V

    Hello Fionda Stephane

    We apologize for the delay in the response process, I have forward your information to the team in charge and they will be contacting you shortly. 

    Have a great day. 

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