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  • How many Amps will I need to recharge my car battery?

    There are specific Inverter accumulators that are constantly connected to the power source in order to immediately have enough energy to start the motor. The car battery charger must have sufficien...

  • How does the ammeter of the battery charger work?

    The current you read on the ammeter is supplied to the battery by the charger. If you have connected it with an empty battery, it will deliver its maximum output, example 4 A. When charging, it bec...

  • How can I check if my battery needs to be recharged?

    Most batteries need to be charged at least a few times a year. This process must be done before winter if you live in a cold climate. If not, it may be too late before you find out that the battery...

  • How to choose the right charger?

    The choice of a charger essentially depends on various factors such as:1. The amperage of the battery to be recharged.2. The desired battery charging speed. 3.Type of battery to be recharged Pb / P...

  • Can I use the same charger for the car and the motorcycle?

    Yes! It is important that the car and motorcycle have a 12-volt electrical system and that the battery has an amperage that is compatible with that of the charger.

  • How long does it take to charge a battery?

    The charging time of a battery depends on many factors. The three most important factors are amperage, battery state of charge and battery charging capacity. The ambient temperature is also decisive.

  • I can't find the battery in the engine compartment. Can i recharge the battery?

    Most modern cars do not have batteries under the hood. However, many manufacturers have prepared a connection in the engine compartment to connect the battery to be charged or an external battery f...

  • What happens if I forget to unplug the Traditional charger?

    If you forget to unplug a traditional charger, the battery will be overcharged, run out and can be damaged.

  • How does the car battery charger work?

    The operation of the car charger is very easy. Simply connect the two cables to the battery poles, respecting the plus and minus indicators, then turn on the instrument and wait for the battery to ...

  • How do you see if the battery is charged?

    With a conventional charger, you can use the classic multimeter to display the voltage level and thus the state of charge of the car battery. If the voltage is lower than that of the full charge, t...