Is there a Metric only Measuring Tape available?




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    Mark McClure

    I have used a Stanley SAE/Metric measuring tape. Many times the wrong scale is the only one available to read when the tape is positioned for a measurement because the orientation of the work precludes reversing the tape measure to allow using the scale needed.

    This compromised product, Stanley 33-726, demonstrates how marketing decisions hinder metrification in the United States. What professional has only one measuring tape? I have long tapes for large work. I have small tapes for confined spaces. I have medium tapes for majority work where I don't need long reach and don't want to carry the extra weight of a long tape.

    If I *have* to work in both SAE and Metric, then I would want to use an SAE only for SAE work and Metric only for Metric work.  

    It is unfortunate that the masses in the United States of America remain attached to SAE while the rest of the world adopted metric decades ago, some more than a century ago. Why cling to SAE? Is it to bolster alliances with Libya and Myanmar, the only other countries still officially not using metric system?

    No one buys metric only measuring tapes in North America *BECAUSE* no one offers these products in North America.

    Refusing to offer metric only measuring tapes in North America predicates the self-fulfilling prophesy that there is no market for this product.




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    John Dossett

    I recently bought a metric tape measure. I was installing a bunch of European cabinet hardware. Now I find myself using it all the time. Holy cow metric is easy. I hope Stanley makes one!

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