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How do I contact customer service?

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  • Randy Welch

    Just a big run around joke i will never buy one again even if my life depends on it

  • Danvers Water Dept.

    I've got to agree with the gentleman before me. This whole process of getting a Stanley tool fixed or serviced is just going in circles. From getting the Portuguese call center, to finding out I have to ship my hydraulic pump 3 states away because there is no one closer at a very high cost, to being handed from one service call center to another, this is crazy. This pump is not cheap and we need it for our work but it is going to be a huge process just to get it repaired. Time I can't afford to be down. Why every state doesn't have a Stanley service center for these larger items is crazy. 

  • Darrell

    I just need to ask one question but they couldn’t or didn’t transfer me to support so I go to online and apparently I have to fill out a form and or register to get the information?

  • Jerry Koston

    jerry koston

    service is a big joke

  • Bobby R Crawford

    I purchased an expensive  36volt tools set that now batteries are no longer available for. What am I suppose to do with this expensive set that they no longer support. Not to mention that The 36 volt drill lasted about two weeks, sent it in for repair got a new one and it lasted a week. What a joke the quality and service is completely gone for this brand. One would assume when you buy these that the batteries or replacements will be available for the life of the tool. I spent a lot of money this was no $400 set.


  • Jerry Koston

    I found dealing with stanley a great success.Alex was a great person todeal with .I used the phone #1-866-529-7782.also talked to Rasalie she was very good also.Stanley is improving there reputation by trying to help customers.Keep up the good work

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How do I contact customer service?