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Are STANLEY Tools made in the USA?

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  • Michael Bertalot

    March 21, 2021

    Beware the Yellow Stanley Electric Stapler!

    I've bought 2 Yellow Stanley Electric Staplers - 1st one failed after a few days.  I exchanged it at FL Davis for another one.  The last one started messing up after installing 8 batts of R-19 insulation using the recommended staples on the pkg.  It began to jam at random and now it'll only do 3 or 4 staples then it mis-fires and jams.  Have to open it up, extract the jammed staple and reload only to have it happen again!  Neither one of them was ever dropped or misused in any way.

    Now I have to try to hunt down the receipt and see if it's within the magic 90 day warranty period.  A real pain in the neck.

    Why can't Stanley make an electric stapler that won't jam?  It's not rocket science!  They must farm them out to China or something.

    Mike Bertalot

  • Jhina V

    Hello Michael Bertalot
    We apologize for the experience you've had with the electric stapler. We have created a ticked within our customer service team to further assist you.
    Your inquiry number is 1717893, our customer service team will reach you promptly.

    Have a great day. 


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Are STANLEY Tools made in the USA?