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  • Maycol

    Thank you for being part of our Stanley Community.

  • Craig Finlayson

    I bought the new Stanley FATMAX retractable utility knife .i am a carpenter with over 40 years experience and have stuck with Stanley (especially FATMAX) for years as it has always been superior to ither brands and i rather pay more and get the quality. However on this occassion i am not happy at all with the product.
    1 the blades are awkward and sometimes difficult to change.
    2 when cutting plasterboard the blade will slip out sometimes entirely and can damage a sheet.
    3 the pysh/pull plastic button is jumpy and rough not smooth like the older ones.
    4 the red buttons at the back to open the blade storage compartment dont retract fully and make accessing new blades difficult and frustrating.
    I am very disappointed with this product thich is something i never thought i would hear myself say let alone complain about. 0 stars out of 5 rating from me.

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