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  • Maycol

    Hi Robert Pierce
    As per our records, our customer service team was able to assist you, if you need further assistance, please let us know.

  • Justin Miller

    I also have that same question I can send pictures if needed some sockets are under my drawer and can't get them out

  • Robert Pierce

    Stanley support told me they did not make my tool box, even though it has Stanley on it, and they don't support it.  They gave me the name of the company who they said made it but that company told me they didn't make it either.  I'll never buy another Stanley product.

  • Robert Pierce

    Here is the email I just received.  It does not show up under this request that I made 7 months ago.

    What kind of response is this?  There is no response.

    Expert guidance?

    The post Tool drawer removal has a new comment.

    Alexise Crephusa

    I have not encountered this situation yet. Surely there will be a method. However, this requires expert guidance. Choose the appropriate method to achieve a good success rate.

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