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Craftsman Replacement Battery for Model YA P0780831



  • Vincent Brintnell


    Similar concern, I need a replacement battery for the Stanley J5C09  500Amp / 1000Amp Peak Booster Pack  (;  a very nice unit, and the sealed battery had finally failed after many years of service.
    Acknowledged, totally different product than your mower, however same concern: I need a replacement battery!

    Helpful to have the spec sheet of the physical battery, to be able to guide the replacement with respect to physical dimension ( length x height x width; plus orientation of battery terminals to ensure the replacement will fit ).
    In my case, I was able to source the spec sheet for the dead battery ( HYS12190:

    Stanley does not actually make the product. The physical unit is made by:  Baccus Global.

    Having retrieved the battery spec sheet for the exact dimensions, I then found  (Trenton, Ont.). They provided very good service. They may be able to source a replacement for your Craftsman. 

    Acknowledged, it is not as simple as calling the parts counter at Canadian Tire, but it was worth the effort, saved a good unit from going to landfill, and saved a lot of money on repair versus replace. :/


  • William Davis

    How long before I receive my replacement tool


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