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FatMax POWERiT 1000 Amp 500 Instant Amp, 120 psi compressor, Model PP1DCS jumpstart manual. OR answer--why can't I turn it off !?!



  • Jhina V

    Hello Dwight E. Pierce

    Thank you for contacting us! We've opened up a ticket with our customer service team and will work to resolve your issue. 
  • Jo-Ann Putnam

    ar issue the light will not turn off

  • Tana Murray

    Hello @Jo-Ann Putnam, Thank you for reaching out to us.  We have opened ticket 7541826 with our customer service team and we will work to resolve your issue with the light not turning off.   Thanks and have a great day!  

  • Dale F Reisinger

    I am now having the same problem with my fatmax powerit 1000a.

  • Dale F Reisinger

    So has anyone got an answer? The light stays on and eventually kills the battery. Works fine when charged otherwise.

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