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Removing wheels from a Toughsystem Case



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  • Maycol

    Hi Surbina
    As per our records, our customer service team was able to assist you, if you need further assistance, please let us know.

  • fruitsugary

    I also have a need to remove the wheel assembly and the bar connecting the wheel assembly to the box drive mad. Have you done it yet?

  • Surbina

    i took it to the Dewalt Service Center. They had never done. this before and told me that they couldn’t guarantee that they were going to be successful and not damage the wheels or cad - because i was planning on putting them back on layer…. I told them i would take full responsibility and that they shouldn’t worry if that was the case…. so they did and it worked. I think they drilled a hole on on the cap of the licking washer which enabled them to insert a screw driver to pull it out … they didn’t do this in front of me so i can’t really explain what they did … but they did it without damaging anything. Great service

  • evawillms

    TSTAK and ToughSystem series are not compatible one each other. However, there is an adapter that will be released soon with part number DWST08017. For details you can see the description below.  Run 3

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