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A month and I still have no Cubix laser level repaired or replaced - lousy communication



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  • Philip Jones

    So, finally after an exchange of 38 emails (not counting the four 'please fill in the satisfaction survey' ones) and almost 5 weeks, yesterday I received a new Cubix laser level.  I have two questions

    1) Why did it take so long to get this resolved?  Its a simple warranty replacement surely? 

    2) Why, despite telling them the correct spelling of my name, and correcting it during the email exchange, did it arrived with my name misspelt?  (Ho hum :( )

    Oh hum... we at least I should have a working laser level.   Foolishly, I wanted to know what the strange flashing light behaviour was and ended up down this frustrating path.  With hindsight I should have simply gone back to Screwfix where I bought it and have a trade account and asked for my money back or a replacement there.  I'll know next time.

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